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"The Quality of being alone or remote from society"

- Merriam-Webster Dictionary

A lot has changed in a matter of days

This post has been sitting in my drafts for a week now because I wasn't sure how I felt about this situation. Like many of you I'm sure, I've been both grateful for some time off the hectic commutes as well as projects due but at the same time, confused about everything that's going on!

As a fashion student, there were many days I just wanted to be home, by myself, working on what made my heart happy; polish my creative skills and learn new ones, or spend time with the people I love and not have to worry about assignments or projects that I don't have enough motivation or time to complete. Then my school sent out an email saying we have a week off so they can figure out how to minimize the spread of the #coronavirus by moving some classes online.

I was excited, very excited and grateful to have a week off.

In a matter of hours, we moved from a week long break to the rest of the semester indoors...having every class online. And now the city is shutdown - I definitely wasn't expecting things to go this far and clearly neither were the leaders of this country, but here we are, forced to stay home and take care of ourselves.

I've gotten used to being away from my family and loved ones, but being away from other humans, period, can be a different kind of lonely if you don't enjoy your own company.

A lot has changed in a matter of days:

I pay attention to the news now, which has forced me to pay attention to politics in America,

The state is basically on lockdown,

I'm taking all my classes online,

My dad calls almost everyday - yes, my dad.

I have rested off two and a half months of school in a week,

AND I've learned that I'm actually capable of eating three times a day!

Yes, the #coronavirus has put fear in many hearts and brought tears to many homes. People have lost loved ones and many are fighting for their lives, but I believe once this is over many will be stronger, many will be over comers, and that will be their superpower - fearlessness.

During this time of solitude, I hope we remain hopeful, I hope we pray more and allow ourselves to grow, I hope we love deeply and fully, I hope we forgive easily and frequently, I hope we come out knowing that EVERYONE deserves respect especially those working hard to keep cities clean, I hope we get to know ourselves better, and grow stronger as a race and most importantly I hope we recognize the presence and power of God.

Abs x

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