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My Favorite Summer Purchases

It's that time of the year, where I share my favorite summer purchases!

Summer 2022 will go down as one of my favorite summers yet. It was definitely an eye opening, and self exploratory season for me!

All purchases made this past summer were extremely intentional. I wanted to associate them to happy moments - so instead of purchasing to get the feeling of happiness (which is my usual go to), I purchased when I was experiencing a happy or joyous moment that I wanted to remember! I realize that this made me think a little more deeply about how important the moment was the rationale behind the emotion was for me to make my purchase!

Anyway, let's get into the products:

The Shoes

These MANGO sandals remind me of a tourist's style in Europe - comfortable, functional (as in they are walking all day), and could work paired with socks.

Shoes that make me feel like I am in a movie, set in Europe?

Yes, thanks.

These white loafers - (also from MANGO) were so odd looking but had a nostalgic appeal, which made me want them - but I restrained from doing so UNTIL, I was on set assisting for one of my most memorable brand shoots and saw them in action!

They remind me of the 90's. I could see Miranda form Sex And The City wearing these with a full pant suit, on her way to work.

PS: These specific ones are sold out, but they have a similar one here

Classic White Shirt

On my first trip to Raleigh NC, I got the opportunity to visit Flourish Market: a women run and owned boy with a mission! Fortunately I snagged the perfect simple oversized white button up shirt (which I'd been on the hunt for, for quite a while).

Diana Ross Records

Since our trip to Texas in June, where I bought my first #dianaross record, I have been low-key collecting Diana Ross records. I don't go out looking for them, but when I am in a space that might carry her work, I will indulge!

Polaroid Camera

Capturing moments with this camera has brought me so much joy - that instant gratification is truly fabulous. Memories from my engagement, our trips to the beach, Raleigh and fun summer activities were all captured with this and I plan to create an album soon!

Book: One Italian Summer

This book was amazing.

I cried, laughed, gasped, did a lil trot of joy, reading this book. Rebecca Serle has a way of making you fully invested in the lives of the characters so much so that you miss them when you're not reading the book! Her imagination is wild, and her ability to give her readers (me) a glimpse into that world is amazing. I highly recommend.

PS: I have gone on to read her other book, In Five Years and it was just as good. It kind of broke my heart a little bit, but it was so so good reading it!

Thanks for reading!

Share your summer purchases as well, if you made any!



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