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Fashion Podcasts

Fashion lovers, gather around.
I am sharing a couple of fashion Podcasts I have been consistently listening to for the past few years, that have given me better insight on many fashion topics, AND kept me up to date on the many fast moving trends I may miss.
These podcasts are available on both Apple and Spotify! If you haven't already, subscribe to them and expand your knowledge and love for fashion!


The Run-Through with Vogue

This half-hour podcast, hosted by Vogue writers/editors Chioma Nnadi and Chloe Malle, gives an in-depth view on the many unique stories within culture, fashion and beauty, all around the world.
The Run-Through covers the latest on red carpets and runways, peer into political and cultural events, and note remarkable triumphs of style.

The BOF Podcast

I am sure every fashion lover knows about The Business of Fashion (BOF) in one way or another.
The BOF Podcast, often hosted by Imran Ahmed, is an extension of The Business of Fashion, where major heads in the industry share their insights on current affairs, trends, social and political systems all affecting the fashion industry. A great way to keep up with fashion news.

Dressed: The History Of Fashion

Created by fashion historians and friends (professors at my alma mater), April Calahan and Cassidy Zachary, the podcast Dressed: The History of Fashion celebrates the who, what, when of why we wear throughout history and around the world. It's captivating and eye opening to learn all about the details of people, clothing and lifestyles in Fashion!

Friend Of A Friend

Olivia Perez is that girl.
On her podcast, Friend Of A Friend, she interviews a plethora of people in fashion, beauty, and entertainment spaces, remaining anchored in her love for fashion. I fully enjoy her solo recordings as well, where she gives us insights, from her Fashion Week experiences to her closet purges.

I highly recommend you give it a listen!

The Wardrobe Crisis

It's through The Wardrobe Crisis podcast that I heard about and read the book fashionopolis. A book about the Rana Plaza collapse and the indiscriminate actions that occur within the production process of garment manufacturing, just so fashion companies can make a lot more money, while workers potentially die.
The Wardrobe Crisis podcast is a sustainable fashion education platform geared towards shedding light on the aspects of fashion that most people turn a blind eye to.

I have learned a lot, not just about other brands, but also how I would like to sustainably build mine.


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