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Classic Summer Work Looks

This summer has been a good balance of working hard and playing hard, and in both situations, I have loved having fun with my style. Creating looks for the work week on Sundays has become a major energy boost to the start of my week, so I'm sharing some classic work looks that I have loved exploring over the summer!

A major thing I love about these looks is how easy it is to transition them to fall looks!


The Two-Piece Set

A same color set (top and bottom) screams, "I have my life together" and that is the vibe I personally want for work - especially on the days I don't feel exactly put together. For summer, I lean more towards the linens and cotton fabrics because they are extremely breathable which is needed in the humid NY heat.
This style transitions easily for fall as well, which is a huge plus.

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The Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses have been a game changer for me.
The ease of putting one piece of clothing on with the option of layering or not and still looking effortlessly chic is truly the goal. Easy breezy. I gravitate towards bright colors and prints and that makes the dress the statement piece - no need for any extra pieces. Accessories can go from super simple to elaborate!

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Suit Up

One can never go wrong with a tailored suit, and in the summer, opting for linens over heavier fabrics will be your best bet to looking clean and feeling comfortable.

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T-Shirt Vibes

Arguably the most practical, comfortable and versatile essential piece of clothing for every wardrobe.
T-Shirts are easy to style and go with any bottom. I have been on the hunt for more uniquely designed T-shirts that effortlessly elevate my look, and I must say, the crewneck shoulder padded T-shirts have saved me so much time especially on days I have very little energy and just need to be out the door!

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The Blazer Girly

My easiest go-to piece of clothing to build a look is always the blazer.
Any and every outfit looks somewhat more put together with a blazer, so if you're looking for that one separate you will definitely wear all year round, it's a solid blazer.
The options I highly recommend are The Hourglass Blazer for a dash of sophistication, The Oversized Blazer for an elevated sense of ease, and a Cropped Blazer for playful layering.

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The Shirt Dress

A dress shirt is an essential piece for every wardrobe. Like all the pieces listed above, shirt dresses are simple, uncomplicated, and can be styled so many ways. I love a versatile piece of clothing!

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