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9 Things

A year older now.
A few things I've learned over the years that I'm cherishing more with each passing year.
Beautiful Sunset with Crescent Moon
Photo by: Abs Kyei

1. You Are One Of One

"There's no one that can do what you do the way you do it." -
This quote pulled me out of the comparison game, and pushed me to focus on my value within my relationships. I know now, that a big part of building and thriving in healthy relationships is recognizing that everyone's unique qualities are what make it work.
Like-minded does not mean copy + paste.

No matter how many similarities, the approach for everyone will be different and that's illuminates the vast options of creativity in EVERYTHING. We need our individual gifts, talents, personalities, etc to make a great thing even greater.

2. Do The Damn Thing.

Beyonce said it best:
"Don't talk about what you're going to do. Don't just dream about what you're going to do. Don't criticize somebody else for what they're not doing. You be it. Be about it. Be about that action. And go do it." - Beyonce
Just go do the damn thing.

3. When You Know The Destination, There Are A Million Paths To Get There.

A lot of people talk about the FEAR of pursuing your dreams, but the biggest hurdle in my opinion is SHAME.
Don't be ashamed for wanting the life you want (as long as you're not hurting anyone).
Guilt can make you choose a lesser version of what you KNOW you want.
Life is truly not a race. It might take you longer to even recognize what you really want but once you know, remembering that there are a million ways to get there eases the stress of making "mistakes" - It all leads to what you truly desire/want in life.
Basically, you're doing great right now as you make choices for your future self.

4. Expand Yourself

Dabble in multiple things. Read about opposing interests. Learn a new language.
Even if you're not into trying something completely out of your comfort zone, I urge you to try some different techniques that yield the same results for you - same project, different approach.

5. Good things take time

He shall be like a tree, Planted by the rivers of water, That brings forth its fruit in its season, Whose leaf also shall not wither; And whatever he does shall prosper. - Psalm 1:3
Each season looks different and will demand unique parts of you.
Being patient before the harvest is just as important as enjoying, it if not more.

6. Drink water and apply your Sunscreen

Basically, take care of yourself - both internally and externally. Listen to your body and focus on your journey - no matter what it looks like right now.

7. Build your Eulogy Virtues

At funerals, people hardly ever talk about the deceased career, all their projects and deadlines they met at work. The focus is usually on their influence in their community, the relationships they established and just how they made people feel. As you build your career virtues/resume allow yourself to be part of a loving community. It's essential! Allow yourself to express who you are with the people that both embrace and respect you; and you them!

8. Invest

I learned a lot about saving growing up, but not necessarily how to grow my saved money.
Investing is the long game that everyone should be playing. It builds money and patience, and with time, a little will go a long way! First, invest in educating yourself then take the risk, be it high or low risk, TAKE THE RISK of investing. I highly recommend listening to financial podcasts, and videos like The Financial Feminist podcast, to learn and make smarter decisions with your money.

9. Prayer is Essential

Worry less, Pray more.




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