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Getaway Cabin Experience

For my birthday this year I was gifted with the opportunity to visit @getawayhouse cabin and it was nothing short of amazing! I decided to vlog the experience to give you a feel of what to expect if you ever decide to visit their Cabins.

There are many Cabins in the space, all arranged in a manner to ensure everyone has their own very private space. So if you're concerned about your safety or being alone in the woods, don't worry because @getawayhouse figured out a way to keep cabins close enough to not feel alone and far enough to be in your own private space.

They provide everything you NEED to enjoy your stay in nature which makes packing much much lighter as compared to actual camping in the woods. There's AC and Heat in every Cabin as well! I explain everything in the video below and give a glimpse of my experience @getawayhouse cabin.

I hope you enjoy this Video

Thanks for Watching

Abs x

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