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Day 1 - #Chicago2k18

Today was the beginning of the two day Global Leadership Summit at Willow Creek and I have to say I have been filled with so much that I really can't contain and I truly hope I leave not just empowered but to empower and inspire! I wish you could all experience just one GLS in your lifetime and I promise your outlook on life would change FOREVER!

This GLS conference is definitely going to be the one that I will cherish. I got the opportunity to listen to powerful yet extremely humble leaders from different industries and countries such as T.D. Jakes, Carla Harris, John C. Maxwell, Angela Ahrendts and many others. I'm simply blown away by their stories and advice on how to live life inspiring and influencing the lives of the people around us everyday.

The conference run from 8am to 5pm with really good breaks in-between, so basically I spent my whole day at the conference and didn't have the time or energy to do much else after that so I'll leave my touristy sitings for tomorrow night and Saturday morning before I head back to NY.

I do however, want to share these 5 things that I learned in today's Sessions:

1. CONSISTENCY is the bridge to short term wins to achieve the greater vision.

2. We will be DEAD longer than we are ALIVE so spend the time you have alive doing something you really want to do

3.OWN WHO YOU ARE. It's your advantage! No one can do you the way you can, so spend time with yourself and get to know who you really are. Always bring your Authentic self to the table


5. If you're still excited about what you did 5 years ago, you're not GROWING.

Let that sink in.

I will be giving more details on what I've learned here at the end of tomorrow's session, which would probably be broken into 2 different parts (or more) because its a lot! But I don't want to keep any of it to myself...I hope it really encourages and inspires you all as well.



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