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Before you Die, LIVE

Before you die, Live

I talk a lot about self love and being confident and all that which I’m sure makes me come across (mainly here) as either a very bold and confident woman or a proud b*tch...honestly, most of the time (If not all the time) I’m none of those. For the longest time, Ive known myself to be super shy, blessed but very average. So when I have people tell me that I’m a very strong woman or place me in positions that have me being the extrovert that I’m 💯 sure I’m not, I wonder - WHAT DO THEY SEE THAT I DON’T? Potential, but what about me has them seeing this ‘potential’? 🤷🏾‍♀️ irdk Maybe it's because of what my parents do or how extroverted my sisters are.


I realized after a while though that I never actually disappoint when I’m put in a circumstance where I have to expose my “hidden” extrovert qualities. Because that’s exactly what that was...hidden qualities that I had been forced to find and slowly but surely grow. So yes I talk a lot about self love and confidence because I know I’m not the only one that needs that kinda boost on a regular (if not everyday). Putting it out there that It is extremely important to be intentional about living, and to really live means to be confident and bold enough to do exactly what scares you the most. We're all going to die anyway fam, so when @erwinmcmanus asked "what are you so scared of? Death? It's an inevitable part of human live, fully, in the confidence and love of Christ"

As a Christian woman, I truly believe in life after death, so the only fear I should have is not living my full potential in this lifetime, and transitioning into my new life with all that I could've achieved burdening my heart.


It may be just being open about thoughts and feelings, speaking in public or starting a business, but I think the best self care is being real with yourself, and being intentional in taking strides to do the things that scare you the most but will set you free.

"Your freedom is on the other side of your fear" - @erwinmcmanus

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