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How I Style My Batakari

Happy 62nd Independence Day Anniversary to my GHANA!!!!

Shout out to all the great men and women who fought for our freedom and to every Ghanaian today, just for being Ghanaian lol.

Styled one of my favorite traditional pieces in honor of this day - The Batakari

(Click here for a little history of this traditional garment)

Let's get to it

I decided to wear my Batakari with these very loose Zara pants (yes they're pants), rolled down knee long socks, classic oxfords, a thin red belt and a pair of tiny red sunnies to complete the look. I usually style it with big pants or a long flowing skirt/dress.

I've worn this look to different events - church, class, brunch (because why not?) just switched up the accessories.

For example, wearing this to a more formal event would mean a fancier belt or no belt at all, a pair of heels and very simple accessories. I wore this exact look to church but switched the oxfords for a pair of white high heeled boots to compliment the white in my Batakari, no belt and my prescription glasses. I try not to do too much with accessories because of the busy weave pattern on the Batakari.

In the summer I wear it as a dress or with shorts (I'll share that when NY weather decides to finally move in that direction.)

Because of how full it is from the waist down, the batakari can easily be paired with fitted pants as well - if that's your style. I tend to gear more towards oversized and loose fitted clothing, hence this look.

I love styling my traditional clothing because it gives me a way to show off the creative richness in my culture while still staying comfortable and appropriately dressed for whichever occasion or setting - I can't imagine wearing full 'kaba and slit' for a draping class or brunch - but how?

I will definitely be styling a few more traditional pieces in the future so stay tuned.

Happy Independence Day

Enjoy it wherever you find yourself today

Abs x

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