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Fawohodie x TENEWAA

This mini collection made my heart very happy and I had to share it.

My semester was challenging, but I feel very proud of how much I've grown (design-wise) over the years; I was definitely not as confident as I am now with sewing garments, so creating these pieces made this gal REALLY happy.



Despite this season of unrest, loss and pain,

I experienced many moments that lead to ‘Liberation’

Peace of Mind, despite everything going on around me

As a black woman in America

The symbol “fawohodie” which means Freedom,

has become my favorite Adinkra symbol because it symbolizes hope

and possibilities of exactly that.

This collection is aimed at making women feel bold

and aware of who they are.

Looking in the mirror

and seeing a reflection

of peace, and joy within!


With our classes being virtual, I decided to create a fashion film to present the looks. A two minute long video, shot in a greenhouse to represent the concept of

'thriving in a contained environment'.

I hope you enjoy this video!

Kindly like & subscribe to my #youtubechannel (if you haven't), and thank you so much for the constant support and kind words!

A huge shout out to @howellsketchbook for helping me take these videos and photos!


Photography: @howellsketchbook

Photography: @howellsketchbook

Photography: @howellsketchbook


Abs x

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