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Fall Faves 2019 (Look 3)

Asymmetric Skirts and Turtleneck tops



This, I would say is my absolute favorite look - a turtleneck, asymmetric skirt and boots!

New York-ans love to wear a lot of black; I say if you're going to wear such a color make it interesting.

I got this skirt from Lord and Taylor and I really feel my best self when I'm in it - which i believe is one major purpose of fashion - to make you, not only look but feel incredible in whatever you put on.

Turtlenecks are big all year round. I got this one from UNIQLO which is where I would go to get my basic necessary clothing for fall/winter: turtlenecks, thermals, tights, etc.

My boots are Steve Madden and have lasted a year and change and is still in good condition which is great because they're my go to boots whenever I'm in doubt.



To be honest, styling my favorite looks for #fall2019 was more fun than I thought it would be:

The Asymmetric Skirt and Turtleneck top

They were all so different but I realized one thing ran through - Skirts. It really wasn't intentionally but I see now how many more skirts and dresses I own than pants and shorts and my heart is full! But winter is coming and I am definitely going to need to properly style (literally) the two pants I have to stay warm and stylish till February (if i'm lucky).


Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read all three of my posts on:


Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did putting the looks together.

Photography by: @classyjorge

Abs x

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