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Fall Faves 2019 (Look 1)

The White Shirt and Slip

Cooler weather in New York is always appreciated, considering how humid, hot and sticky the summers are. I obviously came back at the perfect time - FALL.

Styling myself in the summer is great for so many reasons but Fall fashion is really exciting. I mean the boots come out to play, the vast array of jackets and coats, colors that simply enhance my toasty summer skin.

The transition this time around wasn't as harsh as last year which I'm grateful for because

New York weather can be really disrespectful.

This season is all about transition and change, which obviously affects the way we dress as well. I love that I can pair my favorite summer pieces with something as simple as a blazer or long sleeve shirt for a chic AND comfortable look.

Let's get to it then:

Over the next few days I'll be sharing a few of my fave Fall looks starting with:

The White Shirt & Slip Dress


You guys know how much I love a Unique White button down Shirt!

I decided to pair it with a slip dress, wearing it over the dress instead of vice versa because honestly, I couldn't bring myself to hide this shirt under anything. Got it from Lord&Taylor last year and I love it so much because it's both fun and elegant, and the belt in the middle gives me hope of having hips someday.

Also, considering its major comeback, I love that the slip dress can be styled in so many different ways! Having one but being able to style it into about four different looks is quite incredible and makes it a MUST HAVE tbh.



I accessorized with a pair of my favorite sandals from Zara and matching Sunglasses that i actually got from American Eagle earlier this year (Sunglasses are my weakness BTW).

Now, depending on your style and love for particular accessories (bracelets, purses, necklaces, etc), you could always add more, but I'm currently on the simpler side of life, so I opted for finger rings and an anklet (that i never take off actually) to complete the look.



Recap! These are my first fall faves I'm sharing with you:

A Unique button down White Shirt over a Slip dress, paired with Sandals and sunnies to match (of course with a massive dose of confidence).

Thank you for reading!

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did putting the look together.

Looking forward to sharing the rest of my #fallfaves with you!

Stay Tuned!

Abs x

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