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Blazer Season

The most perfect season is upon us; that crisp autumn air is near.

Over the past week, I've been waking up to crisp cold mornings, the ones that make you want to stay snuggled in the warmth of your bed. It's clear autumn is coming and with that: Blazer/Jacket season is here!

After experiencing a full summer in America (East Coast) I can understand why people LOVE autumn. It reminds me of the rainy season back in Ghana - where we get a break from the constant heat. Everything is calmer, more serene and there is a soothing peace that comes with it. I'm experiencing a lot of that with these chilly mornings here on the east cost while I enjoy my hot coffee, wrapped up in a warm sweater.

Jacket: Thrifted

Bag: Larry Jay


Now let's talk about Blazers and Jackets; aka the easy transition into Winter coats.

I wanted to write this to give as many sustainable options as I can. You most likely don't need a new blazer or jacket but if you do, you want to make the right choice; especially in the year 2020.

I see many blogs that say 'Fast fashion is dying' and sustainable brands are thriving but I don't think that's really the case. Yes, Sustainable brands are thriving, however #fastfashion isn't dying. Influencers are still sharing major hauls from fast fashion brands, people are still craving to fit into the new trends and styles. This all still leads to people buying cheap clothes that get thrown out after a few washes, with the mentality that they can always get another.

The pandemic this year has changed many things, especially people's spending habits with budgets becoming tighter. Investing in good quality items that will last many many years and making good fashion choices is very important. Whether buying from thrift stores (be it the RealReal or goodwill) or high fashion brands, you want to be as informed as possible to feel good about the choice you make and (more importantly) the money you spend.

So today I am sharing five stores I'm loving (and saving my coins for) to shop at!

PS: They're all black owned

Let's Go!


In addition to sourcing Vintage pieces, this brand switches things up a little by adding a Southern touch to each item! The Louisiana based brand gives me the perfect and very unique, modern 80's vibe I've been looking for.


“We wanted to break the negative stigma attached to fast fashion by consciously making decisions to say no to unfair trade practices making our manufacturing process as clean and earth friendly as possible”- Ola & Cerise, Founders of Cold Laundry

I truly admire brands that are doing their part to be more conscious and intentional with their process of production. Cold Laundry is a London based brand that creates amazing, ethically sourced and manufactured contemporary clothing.


It's important to understand that it's not just going green or recycling clothing that goes in line with being a sustainable brand. A brand that creates HIGH QUALITY apparel so as to slow down the 'trickle down effect' is doing its bit to ensure the end of fast fashion.

Slowing down ensures quality products made from materials that don’t disintegrate in the washing machine after six washes. Slowing down ensures land is not decimated for materials and waterways are not polluted so that a passing trend can be lived out by unassuming young people who didn’t know any better. - 20XX Magazine

Pyer Moss is a black owned brand that has made its mark by creating the best of the best quality clothing while lifting up the black community. If you want something that you can pass on to your grand kids and will never go out of style simply because of the message behind it, I suggest Pyer Moss for sure.


It's the explosion of colorful joy for me! My favorite thing about this vintage shop is the styling of the pieces. Each look is styled to perfection and makes you want every single one of them - isn't that the goal?


The first time I came across small needs, I was stunned! I had been looking for oversized blazers and shirts with thick shoulder pads or victorian vibes (very specific but a girl knows what she wants) and I found them! It's the definite, distinct pieces for me.


Happy Fall Shopping my loves!

Abs x

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