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3 Fashion Stylists to follow ASAP

If you you're looking for style inspiration, aesthetically pleasing looks to influence yours, here are a few of my favorite stylists I highly recommend you keep up with. These are individuals who have very unique approaches to putting clothes together, both personally and for their clients.

1. Amanda Murray

Images by: Amanda Murray

Amanda is a stylist, creative consultant and fashion icon.

Her expression of self through clothes is exceptional.

She shares fashion history on multiple topics and I know for a fact she is on multiple mood boards in various creative meetings. Amanda's expresses a personal love for fashion that exudes self-knowledge and confidence - A true gem in the fashion space.

She has worked with the likes of Saweetie, and many more!

Amanda's mirror selfies, where she shares her looks she's loved over a period are iconic and her instagram community look forward to what she shares on her feed + stories.

Keep Up With Amanda: Instagram | CFDA


2. Alexander Julian

Images by: Alexander Julian

A Phenomenal Creative

Alexander Julian is an NYC based creative consultant who draws a lot of his inspiration from his Nigerian culture and his love for anime characters. We experience this in both his unmatched personal style and his body of work; working with publications such as EBONY, TEEN VOGUE and many more.

He is breaking boundaries and expressing masculinity in a fresh way.

Keep Up With Alexander: Website | Instagram


3. Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe

Images by: Melissa Holbrook-Akposoe

A multi-faceted Ghanaian woman!

A celebrity stylist, social media influencer, brand ambassador of multiple brands including REN skincare and Jo Malone, Melissa is doing it all in the fashion space and she's doing it EXCEPTIONALLY well. She is here to remind us that we can do multiple things and thrive doing all of them.

Her digital magazine Its a LIFESTYLE Hun is one I urge you all to check out. There, you will find a wide range of information on Fashion, Beauty and Skincare, Food and Interior Decor.

Keep Up With Alexander: Website | Instagram


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