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Styling my Llama Wool Coat

Another bitingly cold season is upon us and the only thing exciting about it is the fashions.

So I have decided to share how I style my winter coats and a few winter fashion options to give myself a little bit of joy during this time.

...feels like heaven

Creating the Coat...

I made this coat during my second year at FIT. My professor, an incredible designer, really pushed me to go all out - so I did. The goal was to create a unique, functional and marketable piece, which drove me to choose this exact fabric and style.

The textured body is made of llama wool on one side and leather on on the other which makes it very warm and amazing to the touch. The fur cuffs, which my professor finessed to get for me (because I couldn't possibly afford real fur, but he insisted the coat needed it!) feels like heaven.

The belt adds that extra oomph by cinching the waist in. I wanted it to act almost like a corset, so I made sure it was wide enough to cover majority of the midsection, giving a break between the exaggerated leather shawl collar and thick hem.

Styling the Coat

There are many ways I could style this coat but I chose to go the simple route.

A coat like this doesn't need a lot of extra separates to make it stand out or look good- it's a statement piece - so I decided to style my llama wool coat with a pair of black skinny jeans, leather knee high boots and simple accessories. The goal was to make the coat the main character here - it's giving exactly that IMO.

Top tip when styling a coat like this is to remember you are creating a look around the piece [coat] and not the other way around.

PS: I will create and share another look with a skirt or dress when it's warmer out, to provide more options - maybe more colorful as well. are creating a look around the piece [coat] and not the other way around.


Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you elevate your style this winter.

Abs x

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