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Love & Donuts

Last weekend (Valentines day weekend), Tyler and I wanted to try something a little different and go on a little sugar adventure. We decided to go Donut Hopping [get it? bar hopping, donut get it].

Anyway, we set out to try a number of donut places near us!

Now, this wasn't a romantic getaway or anything so I invited friends I thought would want to join us and by Saturday morning we were a solid trio.

Here's a list of the 5 stores we visited in order of the journey; which ones we're definitely going back to and those that threatened to give us food poisoning (this trip was not for the weak!)

1. Donut Crazy

We started things off with a pretty short but scenic drive to Donut Crazy.

So many beautiful options! Right off the bat 10/10 on cleanliness, service, and use of space. The creativity was phenomenal, with valentines themed donuts as well as the regular shmegular ones. A very cute spot for couples, families and friends.

Of course, we also brought people in because of our infectious energy

Summary: A+ taste and over all look/vibe of donuts and shop space.

Website: Donut Crazy.


2. Heavenly Donuts

This place I wouldn't recommend unless you're absolutely desperate.

Heavenly Donuts is extremely retro looking with so many options from donuts to smoothies. I personally didn’t love their donuts (a lil dry for my taste) but I know some ppl like that crunchy taste so if you do, this is the spot for you.

At first glance it looked a little run down. The set up on the inside however, looked like something from the 50s and I absolutely loved that. There was also a sense of community giving that nostalgic effect of going to the donut shop with your mum or grandparents early on a Saturday morning.

Summary: Even though their donuts weren't the best, and their smoothie almost made one of us super sick, I was able to get some great photos!


3. Grounds Donut House

Grounds Donut House was a solid vibe.

A+ on use of space.

Once you enter, there’s a bar/restaurant on the left (looked closed) and the donuts + coffee straight down with a seating area on the right for customers. There was a chandelier and a greenery backdrop that had the inscription "I LICKED IT SO ITS MINE" boldly stamped in bright pink neon.

It was definitely extremely hipster (not in an uncomfortable or unwelcoming way which I was grateful for), very grunge pop, and it seemed to draw a range of customers - from those who just wanted to take advantage of the space's "instgrammable" vibe (moi), to families who just wanted a delicious start to their weekend.

The staff were also very friendly and helpful and they had a wide range of coffee and donut options on their menu.

Summary: Massive and delicious donuts, A+ creativity and overall vibe of the place.


4. Neil's

Neil's Donuts was the only grab-and-go type of place amongst the five different locations we visited. There were no seating areas for customers to relax and enjoy their donuts or coffee, but their donuts were delicious!

Yes, we felt a little rushed to pick what we wanted and leave so the line of people didn't build up behind us, but those donuts were fire!

I highly recommend it - just check out their website and know what you want before you get there.

Summary: Felt rushed, but donuts were absolutely delicious

Website: Neil's Donuts


5. Blazing Fresh Donuts

This shop was my personal favorite.

It's a very cute space with fun little decorations. The best part of it is you can build your own donut and get it FRESHLY MADE. The dough used was so soft and felt delicate to touch. The donuts were also the perfect size, especially considering we had been downing several donuts all morning.

The staff were very lovely, informative and made you feel relaxed in their space.

Summary: Great hospitality, A++ on portions and taste of donuts.


Such a fun day checking out all these unique spots!

Still have some donuts left over in the fridge but I am very grateful and happy we could enjoy all these places. I highly recommend checking out the local stores near you, and if you're ever in CT, check these ones out!

Thanks for reading - always grateful for all of you.

Abs x

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