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Thrifting in Connecticut

...I realized over time that the beauty and real gift is in how I style what I already have in multiple ways.

I have developed healthier spending habits in the past year and thrifting has helped tremendously, in that, I am able to purchase unique and less expensive basics, sustainably and more intentionally.

I love clothes. I love creating and putting looks together daily and honestly, I'm pretty good at it. I used to think I needed a lot of clothing to accomplish this but I realized over time that the beauty and real gift is in how I style what I already have in multiple ways and not necessarily wearing "new" clothes everyday.


The breakdown:

There are so many thrift worthy spots in CT and my recent favorites have been Mongers Market in Bridgeport, St. Vincent de Paul of the Valley Thrift Shop in Derby, Group W Bench in New Haven and Renee's Resale Outlet in Orange. They each have distinct themes in what they carry which makes it easier for me to shop because I know what to expect in stock in each store.

Monger’s Market

I first visited Monger’s Market in February in search of a solid full length mirror. It’s quite the space. It’s really a flea market - populated by diverse mongers selling vintage and antique items. There are so many options available in the 75,000 sq ft refurbished factory; from furniture to clothes and jewelry, accessories and weird collectibles - it’s amazing.

We purchased the most beautiful massive gold rimmed full length mirror (that would’ve been about $400 on CB2) for just $275. Walking through the uniquely curated stalls, I came across Janis Melone’s space full of beautifully displayed vintage clothes & accessories. Everything was stunning, in perfect condition, and well labelled. A vintage brown Perry Ellis purse caught my eye instantly and I knew I’d be spending money in the space, so I looked at everything, took a walk around the market and really thought about what I absolutely needed before going back to make my purchase. I got the Perry Ellis purse (photographed in this post), an Anna Sui coin pouch (for a friend who’s obsessed with Anna Sui) and a vintage wrap skirt (I didn’t own a wrap skirt).

I am still so so happy with my purchases.

The Market is open only on Sundays 10am-4pm and the gate fee is 3 dollars per person but free after 3pm.

Highly recommended!

St. Vincent de Paul of the Valley Thrift Shop

This is the first thrift store I went to when I first moved to CT. Its a smaller space with very well arranged clothes in the front and easy to access antique furniture and kitchen items in the back.

Let me just say, they have the best selection of oversized shirts and Blazers! I have purchased four distinct blazers, and three oversized shirts here and It was so difficult to leave without grabbing more! I love my purchases so much. Blazers are easy go to’s for a professional or “put-together” look, and oversized shirts I love because they are super fun to style as they can easily be styled in multiple ways - as a shirt, a dress or even a loose cover up.

It’s extremely easy to over shop at the St Vincent de Paul Thrift store if you’re a blazer and oversized shirts kind of person or simply love/collect rare antique furniture or kitchen items.

Group W Bench

This store is filled with mostly quirky one of a kind accessories and gemstones, and has become my go to for such items.

I have a soft spot for my birthstone since I witnessed my parents gift my oldest sister hers in a ring for her 18th birthday.

Group W Bench also has a great selection of smells/incense, post cards

Renee's Resale Outlet

Renee’s opened in the same plaza as the discount fabric store that so generously helped me complete my Thesis project last year. I remember popping in the week they first opened and falling in love with so many items. I got myself a Ralph Lauren Blazer before I left.

It’s a good sized boutique style shop stocked with vintage luxury brands.



Thanks for reading! I hope this was helpful and you get to visit these stores whenever you’re in Connecticut!

Abs x

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