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The Bold Type

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

Yesterday, I borrowed a screw driver from a friend of mine to build a shelf for my books because they are taking over my room. He handed me the bottom of the screw driver and different heads that were lined in a tiny container. As I walked away I tried pulling out one of the heads from the container and I couldn’t. I walked back to him and asked if he could show me how it’s done...he just took it out like it was nothing, then I did the same - like it was nothing!!!!!

On the train making my way back home, thinking about my day, I realised I just needed to see him do it...I just needed to see that it was actually possible before I got home to an 'impossible task'.

And with that thought, it dawned on me - Yes it’s important to get out there and achieve the impossible and be a great example to many...but sometimes I need to see that something is possible before I move in that direction, yes I have my faith to hold on to and pull me through the moments when I have zero help or no example of the task ahead, but honestly - representation matters - an example to follow builds faith and hope. Setting a sort of standard for others to follow and do better is terribly important especially today!

I remember people I looked up to tell me I couldn’t pursue a creative path (and I realize now) simply because they didn’t have anyone to point at and say “oh if she’s done it then go ahead, you can too”

I'm all for being a great example to many but sometimes, I need to see that its possible, sometimes I would rather not just believe that I can do something, I want to see that someone tried it too and it was possible. I really do feel this way a lot of times, but usually I have no one to look up to or shadow - because I'm yet to meet an African fashion designer (born and raised in Africa) make their way to New York, Milan, or London fashion week - or have an enormous impact on an international level. That's where my eye's at.That doesn't mean its not possible - it just means it hasn't been done yet. So for the most part I have black designers who've worked their way up despite their race and upbringing to look up to - till I become the example I'm looking for.

It really takes a bold type to see and further achieve something that has never been done before, or anything that seems impossible.

I encourage you to be the bold type, having faith in God's plan and in yourself to achieve things that you can only dream about.

And to think this was inspired by a screw driver...

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