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Styling Mama's 80's Fashions


This past summer I got the opportunity to pick whatever I wanted from my mum’s closet!

As you may or may not know, we moved from BEAUTIFUL Winneba back to Accra (which is also beautiful but crowded lol) and of course the process was exhausting but definitely worth it considering I snagged some insane fits from my Mama. I brought a few of my favourite ones with me to New York and decided to work on a special post as an ode to my Mama and her fabulous fashions.



I love this shirt so much! I remember Mama bringing both the shirt and tiny purse over to my room and asking if i was interested in having them - oh was I!

I knew these pieces would be a major part of my wardrobe! Not only are they beautiful, but they happen to be back in fashion today - The Shirt Dress and Tiny Purse

She wore it as a shirt; I wear it as both a shirt and dress!


Styling this shirt as a shirt, I paired it with a pair of my favorite and only pair of leather shorts, tucking one side in (as directed by one of my favorite people - Gila - who joined me for this shoot).

I've also styled it with a pair of jeans, tucking it in or leaving it as a shirt dress over worked really well.


Styling it as a dress was much easier. I don't need much to bring out the personality of the outfit - the fabric, colors, and fit are interesting and eye catching; the side slits are a plus as well because it makes the look perfect for both day and night events.


I completed the look with a pair of yellow sunnies, a hat, white boots, gold bangles and this fun black beaded necklace Mama gave me wrapped around my wrist like a bracelet!




'Borrowing' from my Mama's closet has been a norm since I could fit in them and she's not a huge fan of that - but that's what you get when you have 4 daughters and a great sense of fashion. So being given the luxury of picking and even being gifted anything from her closet was and will always be a huge deal for me!


I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did styling and shooting it!

Thank you so much and stay tuned for the second 'fit I styled!

Abs x

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