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Socks and Sandals

Basically there was an unspoken rule we lived by..."Don't leave the house in flip flops or sandals with socks!"

This is a trend that (like many) has come and gone over the years.

I have disliked it once before only because this was associated to public school uniforms in Ghana where I grew up.

My older sisters would wear black/brown sandals and white socks every morning, not looking very excited about going to school - period. I unconsciously associated it to the necessary pain of having to go to school.

Honestly, pairing of socks with sandals (except for school) seemed almost taboo in our household as well - even to walk to a store across the street! Basically, there was an unspoken rule we lived by (okay, spoken maybe once or twice): "Don't leave the house in flip flops or sandals with socks!"

Even as I got older and was exposed to the many styling options online, I never met anyone who would deliberately wear socks and sandals and maybe that made it a little difficult for me to get into it - plus Ghana is hot chale.



2010 is the year I vividly remember the trend really blowing up and designers such as Miu Miu and Vetements dressed their models in sandals and socks; celebrities including Tyler the creator, the Olsen twins and Justin Bieber hopped on the trend as well.

Then in 2013 I began college life and met my best friend, Alexandra Tomiyama who's unique style always had a child-like spin to it that I still LOVE. Her Japanese roots may be a big part of this but I absolutely loved the way she put clothes and accessories together - florals with stripes and knits, long flowing dresses with pants and of course, sandals and socks! I remember thinking, "She makes it look good!"

Fast forward to summer of 2021 and my new found obsession with 70's fashion and voila - sandals and socks! For the first time I am actually considering getting on this trend and actually styling some colorful socks with my heeled sandals.

Street styles from fashion week presented the trend once again and this time I am here for it!



This year, let's try new things.

Here's a list of my three current favorite places to shop for warm, cozy, unique AND affordable socks, if any of you are interested in hopping on this fab trend or just want some new socks:

Honestly, just shop in the men's section - there's a wider range of colors!

If you haven't heard of this brand, you're missing out a little bit. Their Cloud Socks are not just cozy, they're beautiful. I love that they scrunch up a little at the top adding a little extra-ness to a look!

Trusted ol' Targé has more fun prints and styles available - VARIETY is key.


Cheers to many more Styling posts.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this piece!

Abs x

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