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Plans Change

I had a plan. Morning flight from NYC to Dubai, where I'd enjoy a complimentary hotel stay for a day, giving me the opportunity to explore the city by myself this time round; even booked a #dinnerinthesky experience. Welp God said NOPE, not today sis.

My flight was moved to later in the day, called Emirates and I don't get complimentary hotel stay (and they gave a valid reason why I didn't get this so I couldn't even be mad at them - all my fault). Panicking for a second considering I'd never experienced this before, I decided to go back to the word I had just read from Isaiah 41:10 & 13 which says

For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.

Sounds mad extra of me buuuuut nope, I definitely needed that word.

Checked for hotels inside the airport I could stay in and now I get to have a different Dubai experience which from the reviews and facilities available could be a fun stay.

Well so far it has been nothing short of incredible...

(Review of the Dubai International Airport up soon)

Traveling alone is so much fun!!!

When your focus is to build and get to know yourself better. I've always been nervous when going anywhere alone, (as I'm sure every other person is) especially when it's to an unfamiliar place. I genuinely don't know how to live in the mind is always a few days or years away, and don't get me wrong, it's good to plan ahead and follow through - what is not right is pretending today isn't happening and have time pass by without entirely enjoying or experiencing the moments in it either because of insecurity or lack of interest in a whole new day.

I love having at least one person with me to make me feel more secure, you know, someone I can focus on so I can ignore everyone else around me, haha, damn Abby.

Well about a month has gone by and I can tell you it's an incredible feeling being confident in the power within.

Everyone around you feels the energy of genuine love, pure joy and true beauty.

We live trying to find who we really are, why we were created, and some people get so depressed and disappointed in this life that they'd rather not be a part of it.

I personally believe in the power within - and for me that power comes from my source: Jesus Christ; who made us in HIS image AND likeness - He aint no coward first of all, so why should I be? Also if He is likened to shine as bright as the sun, He's not just an AMAZING source of energy, but He's a BEAUTIFUL ball of FIRE and so am I.

Confidence in self is not being selfish, it's confirmation of your belief in the power within!

So that when you travel alone to an unfamiliar place, you enjoy your company, and maybe even get fall in love with yourself again.

Can't wait to share my review of this hotel with y'all

Abs x

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