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My 4 Favorite Purchases of 2021

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Last year I did very little spending on myself which I am actually proud of as I can be quite the spend thrift. Hopefully one day I can freely share my tumultuous journey with money, but for now let's just say, I'm on the mend.

I tried my best to be intentional about a lot of things in 2021 - my relationships, screen time, my words, and of course my purchases. When you decide to be intentional with one aspect of your life, it tends to sort of spill over into other parts, and I am very grateful for that.


My 4 favorite Purchases of 2021:

1. Beis Work Tote

The first intentional purchase that I made after snagging an Assistant Designer position job after College was the Beis Work Tote. I had been considering getting one since founder, Shay Mitchell, launched the travel brand in 2018, but never made the purchase.

I saw the Convertible Mini Weekender in beige on my afternoon commute from work last summer and just fell in love all over again. The following week I noticed one co-worker with the Work Tote in black and got to experience the quality of the bag IRL which I am very grateful for. The work tote is pretty big, measuring 16.75"W x 13.5"H x 7". I knew that I didn't need such a huge bag, especially considering my commute to work, but the quality was top tier, so I decided to get the Mini Work Tote in Cognac Croc instead and it's by far a fabulous purchase.

The Mini Work Tote measures 14.25" W x 11"H x 6"D. It has a removable interior zip pouch (which I use for storing documents), a padded laptop sleeve pocket where my MacBook Pro fits perfectly, a large zip pocket, two small slip pockets & pen slips (which took me back to grade school days when we'd get fresh markers and pencils and I would gently tuck them in the pens slips of my backpack the night before school).

My absolute favorite part of this bag is the key-ring leash that comes with a dog clip to attach keys for quick access! I have never forgotten to grab my work keys because they are literally attached to my bag which means one less thing to worry about every night before work!

The exterior of the bag is very lovely and gives "a woman who has her life together" vibes, which I love. It came with a removable shoulder straps which I've never used, but the best part of this mini work tote is that it has a trolley pass through with a zipper, to create a pocket when it's not in use AND an extra zip pocket on top! So I am able to slide the whole bag onto the trolley handle of my carry on suitcase when traveling or just use it to hold my phone while I put my mask on as I get on the train.

I highly recommend this bag for anyone looking for a sleek and functional work bag with excellent quality.

2. WACOAL underwear

I was introduced to the WACOAL brand in 2020, around the time COVID-19 hit America.

Their Bra Fit Calculator (available on their website) basically let me know that I had been wearing the wrong bra size for the past however many years.

For someone who loves braless days, I 100% recommend WACOAL products. Quality, comfort and ease - 10/10. They've also created a separate line - B.tempt'd - that is geared towards a younger demographic with more risqué cuts and styles. So there is a wide variety of options available for everyone which I absolutely love.

3. 21 rituals to ignite your intuition by Theresa Cheung

I love self help books.

My favorite type of such books are those that I can incorporate in my daily life; so when I found this book - 21 Rituals to Ignite your Intuition - in the sale section of Barnes and Noble I was very pleased. I didn't actually start reading its contents until about two or three weeks later and It's been an incredible journey.

The 21 rituals in the book have been compartmentalized into three parts:

  1. 7 Wake Up Rituals to Ignite your Intuition

  2. 7 Daily Rituals to Ignite your Intuition

  3. 7 Evening Rituals to Ignite your Intuition

In the introduction, the author recommends doing these rituals at the times indicated but it's not 'by force' which I loved. As a Christian, I believe my life is led and directed by God and he uses many different ways to communicate with me. I have had many moments where I've heard that still small voice or had a gut feeling to do a specific thing and many times I've ignored it. It's a process, but I've learned that by trusting that voice within, I am believing not only in myself but in God's direction for my life as well. Practicing these rituals daily has been extremely helpful confidence-wise trusting that voice within, I am believing not only in myself but in God's direction for my life as well.

4. MANGO Wool Blend Coat

A solid coat is essential.

The goal is to keep warm while elevating the look and I personally love a coat that casually becomes the entire look, which is exactly what drew me to this specific piece.

The extra effect of the drop shoulders and wide lapel make it a classic but interesting coat, and that's all I really needed.

A solid coat is essential.


I hope to stick to making more intentional purchases this year and look forward to sharing all of it! Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this piece!

Abs x

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