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Imarley Purse Review

Updated: Aug 31, 2018


I don't just love this purse because of its aesthetic qualities - which is of course a major part - but the fact that this bag is handmade makes it feel so personal and specifically made for me. The careful craftsmanship of this purse has me completely appreciating every moment I use it.



  • Spandex yarn

  • Crochet finish

  • Silver Hardware

  • Gold lining with pocket

  • 6"H x 8" W x 3"D



I have enjoyed using this purse; I love the color, the fact that it has texture and fits in my unique sense of fashion. There are of course Pros and Cons to everything but with this the pros definitely out weigh the cons and I'm going to share that with you so you make the decision to add IMARLEY purses to your wardrobe...honestly.


  • It's handmade and simply unique; comes in different colors so you can get what works for you.

  • Strong and durable yarn is used in production so you don't have to worry about it not lasting as long as you'd want

  • Very easy to open and access items inside

  • Silver hardware compliments the style and texture of the bag very well

  • The chain attached to the bag is strong, accommodating the weight of the bag

  • There's a small pocket inside the bag which I absolutely love because as you can see this bag is not a large sized one so the pocket is a mini compartment for my cash and make up so I don't have to carry a whole wallet or extra make up bag.

  • I love that I can use this purse for both day and night events as a statement piece! The detailed crocheted work as well as the color choice makes it appropriate for both.


  • The Gold lining doesn't really compliment the peachy color of the shell. I feel like a darker gold or brown would have worked better

  • Fitting my iPhone 6s plus with other items in the purse was a challenge so I ended up holding my phone instead. But smaller sized phones like the regular iPhone 6 and 5 fit perfectly.



I realized that as I used my Ruby IMARLEY purse (which I've been a little obsessed with so thats about everyday) dirt was accumulating on the shell - duh its yarn. Dry cleaning is the best option and that's what I went for. I'm limiting my use of the purse to special brunches with friends and super cute events.

IMARLEY is a Ghanaian based brand that specializes in handmade crocheted accessories and clothes. They have a wide assortment of products for women who love affordable luxury items.

I highly recommend visiting their instagram @shopimarley for more of their amazingly chic products! I will keep reviewing their products as I use them and let you know if you're making the right choice with them - so far I am.

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