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How I Style A White Shirt And Culottes

I've always been such a fan of big pants, be it bell, palazzo or culottes - I've been here for wide leg pants since day 1.


SHIRT: Donna Degnan

SHOES: Steve Madden

PURSE: From a store I spotted around 52nd and 7th av that was actually closing.

Whenever I have to get a white shirt I make sure it's an interesting piece - there has to be something with the sleeves, neckline or collar, - some kind of interesting detail is a must for me! So purchasing this shirt was a no brainer (plus it cost less than 20 dollars at a sample sale).


I got these amazing culottes from a Ghanaian brand who's apparel I truly love and admire. Their attention to detail is EVERYTHING! Styling their pieces is so much fun.

Visit their website here and see for yourselves

Serving face in this photo lmao

These are my favorite boots right now and I wear them almost all the time. I have a thing for white boots, and have to talk myself out of making another purchase of an extra pair almost all the time - doing great so far.

I do believe white shoes add a certain air of confidence to a look.

This bag is a true treasure! And I'm so glad I made this purchase - and it was so random, that's how I know it was meant to be lol.

In a nutshell, I make sure my culottes or wide leg pants are simple but well made, my white shirt always has to be interesting looking to add some 'drama' to my look. Boots and bag to compliment the ensemble.

A simple but fascinating look - A mood

Abs x

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