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Head to Toe Stripes

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

Living in New York is simply amazing because there are so many people from different walks of life here. People with different views, different taste in music, art, food and style. I have two VERY favorite things to do in my free time:

1. Read Fashion Magazines

2. People watching (#myabsolutefav)

It's mainly in doing these two things that I can both observe and confirm the trends that are sprouting, thriving and those that are dying. Because New York has an array of people walking the streets - some residents, others tourists - I really get to notice the similarities in what they wear and how they style it. STRIPES are definitely in, and have been in for a while now (all summer) and I love it! So this is dedicated to my love for vertical striped outfits simply because:

1. They make me look taller

2. They make me look slim

3. And they work on every body type :)

Had so much fun shooting this with @devaughn_vs_davon

Enjoy Fam 

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