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Honestly, I love a fresh start, clean slate, the opportunity to start over - I just love it. I love moving - yes I enjoy carrying my bags and books from one place to another to reside in a new environment - I always have. I was the kid who loved hearing our parents say "We're moving again" because it meant a fresh start, an opportunity to be better and not repeat mistakes I've made. So yes, I love a fresh start - kinda like New Years

Being a graduate gives you a type of freedom that is both exhilarating and alarming. I am genuinely grateful to be done with my first two years at FIT (it was a whole other struggle), and im especially grateful that I have a year of work before I go back for my bachelors, but I haven't landed a job yet because I don't have my OPT card yet which is needed for International students to work for a year after pursuing a degree ( still working on my life at FIT post guys - soon come). So I find myself on some days just being plain old LAZY and other days I'm filled with so much passion to work hard on designs and get out there, you know, do something.


I decided to see this as a fresh start for me. It's an opportunity to use the time I have to be better and not repeat mistakes I've made (*cough* procrastinating *cough*).


I will also say that it's very important to have like minded people around you - S/O to my friend Jennifer who has been a massive help! Scheduling my days and keeping me organized which makes it easier to be focused on and passionate about my goals. And I realize now more than ever that when you work hard towards a particular goal, pray, and remain focused, doors open for you in grand style - I mean completely unexpected doors open for you!

So no I don't have a 9-5 yet but I'm loving the freedom to work for me and at my pace, because the alarm driven freedom is taking me places!

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