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Break Over!

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I know it’s been almost two months since I posted anything fashion related on the blog or #instafeed. I’ve wanted to, I really have, and not just for posting sake (main reason I took the break). I don’t know about other bloggers but when I started back home in my shy little corner, blogging for me was a lot like writing in my journal; a way to talk about fashion freely (not just in my head).

My focus changed when I realized 'oh this is a job?!'

I stopped looking at it as my personal fashion journal and saw it as a ‘chore’ which made it tiresome and annoying sometimes, and that is far from what this space had been for me.

So I took a break.


Now, Let's Catch Up:

I'm back at the Fashion Institute of Technology for my Bachelors!

Yes, I'm so excited to be back in school with a schedule and assignments and someone telling me what to do - lmao. My gap year was intense. Living in New York and working in the Fashion Industry is INTENSE, and like everything else, if you don't have a passion for it you'll quit the moment things get rough. So coming back to a more structured schedule is really nice, but I also went from sun bathing and lounging on the beach back home this past summer to jumping right into early morning classes and back to back assignments and I definitely didn't prepare my mind or body for it.

I'm fine though, still on top of my game, still loving it, still pursuing the dream and vision.

With all that I knew I HAD to pause and really think about this new season of my life, because whether you believe it or not,

Every season calls for a new you!

There are a number of things I want to accomplish in this 25th year I've been blessed with and I know writing them down is important but getting them done is even more important. So I gave myself time to pray on them and plan out the execution - hence the break - but I'm still changing plans as I go because things don't ever really work EXACTLY as planned.

However, one main goal for me was to join and serve within a church community that would really help me build a stronger relationship with God, and I'm glad I've found that in Hillsong! I'll probably do a separate post on how I started serving there and the entire experience.


Basically I'm back to writing about the FASHUNZ and I'm glad you're all here to enjoy it with me! I'm super excited for this season and this year as a whole and I hope my energy rubs off on anyone not feeling this hyped about life right now, and inspire those who are to keep at it!

Abs x

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