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NYC "bucketlist"

I really wanted to spend at least half the summer here in New York, but plans change, so I've decided to share with you the fun places (mainly food places) that I've had the opportunity to explore (and can give a solid thumbs up to) that you could visit if you're in New York this Summer.

This place was EVERYTHING! A huge shout out to Nana (@adjeiwaaboakye) for inviting me!

Besides it being one of the most 'instagramable' spaces I've been to, the food was amazing and filling, wine was spot on and the service was really really great. Definitely recommend it to anyone in NY this summer looking for a relaxing and aesthetically pleasing rooftop restaurant that serves delicious, filling food - definitely worth it.

Got a chance to visit this place with Sabine and Carine (@rinnyandbean) this past weekend. We decided on the Soho location which was much smaller than we expected but very lovely. The food was definitely great. I had the Madame Freda as seen below, which was so good and unexpectedly filling.

A family style setting with super friendly staff (a solid plus there). Only issue was that the music was super loud and we had to almost yell across at each other lol but it contributed to a good time.

This is the most colorful and interactive space I've ever experienced and I absolutely, one hundred percent recommend it to EVERYONE! Of course, shout out to Mimi (@michel.ntiri) for blessing me to be a part of this!

I know they do have a color factory in San Francisco as well, so if you can't make it to this one in NY, try that one if its closer to you - but don't miss out on such a good time. It's going on till the end of September so add this to your 'places to go' this summer!

PS: It's an interactive experience so it's so much more fun with friends and/or family.

Ice cream, chatting, enjoying sceneries and people watching at and around Central Park is one very inexpensive fun thing I enjoy. Of course it's more of a good time spending such moments with friends, but can also be easily done alone so it's entirely up to you.

After about thirty to forty five minutes of walking around Central Park, Nana (@adjeiwaaboakye) and I were hungry and tired so we decided to find a place (preferably indoors with AC and a place to sit) to have lunch and we settled on The Todd English Food Hall located inside the The Plaza Food Hall.

Super friendly staff (I highly recommend sitting at the bar, you get served a little faster), setting designed for families and/or large groups, and the food was really good. Their toasted coconut cocktail was so refreshing and beats any colada I've had to be honest.

This is one I'm very excited to experience this coming weekend!

The Rose Mansion I believe, is basically a fun house; "a wine bar, amusement park and museum of science for wine" - Rose Mansion

I plan to vlog this experience so stay tuned.

Abs x

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