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DUBAI: In-Airport Layover

Updated: Dec 22, 2018


Vlog below

"Conveniently located at the Dubai International Airport, the Dubai International Hotel is devoted to making your stay as comfortable as possible. We are situated at Terminal 3 of the Airport, and cater to the accommodation needs of passengers in transit." - Dubai International Airport Hotel

First of all, I had no idea this was an option and I’m extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to have a different layover experience in Dubai this time around, even though I was quite disappointed about missing my #dinnerintheskyexperience (at least I got a full refund)

Now, I spent most of my time after booking this hotel checking out what they had to offer in terms of fun things to do, and I was determined to try ALL of it.

Getting off the plane at DXB I was met by Sajeed who held out a pretty big sign with my Full name boldly printed on it. We exchanged pleasantries after which he took my hand luggage and led me to security to get my bags checked and all that, so I’d just go straight to my gate the next day without having to go through that pain. PS: It was the quickest airport security check I’ve experienced in my life.

Sajeed suggested I get my boarding pass for my next flight instead of, again, waiting till the morning of. So, he led me to the counter where (no lie) a Lupita look alike took my details and handed me my pass. I was set now – just had to find out my gate which would be communicated to me in the morning.

Finally, inside the hotel, I checked into my suite which featured a Queen size bed with oversized pillows, a long desk, TV, Iron and Ironing board, a tub and shower combo fully stocked with clean towels and toiletries, and a view of parts of the airport which I loved because people watching is a lot of fun too.

The staff was super, super friendly across board

The executive suite comes with complementary dinner, breakfast, and drinks; so after taking a well needed nap I made my way to the bar/restaurant for dinner and wine (all really good! wasn't disappointed), after which I went straight to the Health Club, which offers the following facilities:

  • Relaxation pool ·

  • Ladies' and gents' Jacuzzi·

  • Ladies' and gents' steam room·

  • Ladies' and gents' sauna ·

  • Shower stalls· In Body - Body Composition Analyzer

I got a full tour by a really fun and funny gal, Janyn, who ended up being my very much needed photographer as there’s only so much a gorilla stick can do out here.

Changing into my bikini, a pair of slippers and robe (which were also provided).

I took full advantage of the fact that I was the only one in the Club, savoring the moment.

Decided to end the night with a bath, considering I conveniently had bath bombs in my carry on.

I'm so glad I decided to Vlog this whole experience because I have no idea how to put it all into words aside that it was an incredible stay - honestly.

I highly recommend staying at the Dubai International Airport Hotel located inside the airport for a very luxurious relaxing experience.

Abs x

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