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Color Factory Experience

It all started one Sunday after church when I met Mimi, an incredible woman tbh. We became fast friends and decided to go out, do something fun. I had just connected with Agyeiwaa, an amazing blogger I'd been chatting on IG! We decided to visit Color Factory together (Mimi's idea, ofcourse, she's the smart one), and that's where we all physically met each other.

Marvelous things happen when creatives come together!

Color Factory was a unique experience. Besides it's highly instagram worthy atmosphere, the activities were so interactive...there was never a single dull moment in there - NOT ONE. It's the perfect place to bond with your kids, friends, significant other, or family as a whole.

I made a very short video of our time there; I wasn't planning on doing this so some videos were shot vertically, but I hope you enjoy it and I highly recommend visiting the color factory whenever you're in NYC.

Abs x

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