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Chicago 2k18


Every year for the past two years, my parents and I have attended the Leadership Summit hosted by the Willow Creek church in Chicago. So I've been to Chicago on two different occasions (this will be my third), and on those two occasions I didn't really explore Chitown and I'm not failing myself this year. So I've made a list of places I want to see, restaurants I want to try and of course places with the #bestbackdrop.

I intend to post about my experiences each day for the next 4 days I'm there to keep you more engaged and up to date on my #EXTRA24 living.

So let's end #summer2k18 with a bang shall we?

And to do exactly that I have packed my absolute favorite summer outfits to feel amazing every single day - because I'm nicer when I like my outfit *wink* which I will be sharing everyday of course.

But here's what's in my hand bag for this trip

It's a two and half hour plane ride to Chicago from New York so I'm not going to need a lot on this ride.

1. Passport and Travel documents

2. Wallet ($$)

3. Make up bag

4. Charger

5. Camera

6. Sunnies

7. Magazine (Harper's Bazaar)

Looking forward to sharing the rest of my week with you Fam

Abs x

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