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The Color Shift

I am still on my journey of recreating looks from my closet and I believe I have made quite the discovery. For a while now, like many, I have loved my browns; discarding my obsession for pink and orange, to the more minimalistic black, brown and white aesthetic, thinking I wouldn't go back to it. Don't get me wrong, neutrals will always be classics, but I have been exploring a more colorful palette lately and I must say there's a mind shift that it comes with.

In all my textiles, fashion and art classes over the years where we've discussed color (whether loosely or in depth), It was made clear that our choice of color is directly connected to the way we feel. Our feelings and the colors we choose to wear, be it consciously or unconsciously, give a glimpse of how you're feeling in that moment. Neutrals I have noticed give a sense of ease, structure and certainty, no matter how interesting the silhouette and/or cut of the separates. Neutrals are reliable and uncomplicated. This is why we all have "basics" we wear with more interesting separates. Be honest, what colors are your basics? Brown, black, grey? Yup, mine too. Classic, easy, a go-to.

"Neutrals are reliable and uncomplicated."

A more colorful palette exudes a bold, playful aesthetic. Colorful clothing with interesting patterns goes into a whole other dimension of "craziness". Many shun from that because it makes you STAND OUT.

Believe it or not pink is my favorite color. As a little girl, it was very easy to get me gifts because as long as it was pink, I would, without a doubt, LOVE IT!

After High School, however, I realized pink and bright colors were looked at as childish in the environments I found myself in, and I wanted to be perceived as a "serious child," so I shifted to neutral colors with a dash of color here and there. I expressed my style through more interesting silhouettes, cuts and textures.

"Believe it or not pink is my favorite color."

I am in a place in my journey where a lot of things are changing, big time. From getting engaged and planning a wedding, to launching TENEWAA and preparing for my next collection. Yes, many joyful, ballsy, and without a doubt, transformative moments, and I see myself shifting into a more colorful palette. I am more attracted to the bright, bold, neons - basically anything that will pop on my melanin!

This shift, I've realized from my meditations and journalling, is coming from embracing all of me. There are parts of ourselves that we hide until 'maybe' society deems it cool enough to fully express it; and if that doesn't happen, we allow it to die.

The mantra now is to just do the thing(s).

Anyway, all this to share a few designers and artists who's past and current works are fueling my love for a more colorful palette:




Let me leave you with this caption from my one of my past posts that I feel resonates well with this post and where I am mentally now:

"One major thing this year has taught me is, do the thing. Just do the thing. The tighter you hold on to your gift, the faster you choke it to death - release.

The only reason you’re nervous or afraid of the outcome is because you think it’s by your strength or your might that the vision will be accomplished.

God gave it to you and He will see it through to completion, in time."



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