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Sunglasses Collection

Sunglasses are my weakness.

It takes a lot of self-control (and sometimes being physically pulled away) to restrain from buying sunglasses, even though I already have quite the collection.

Most are thrifted and/or "brand-less" but I absolutely love everyone of them and look forward to creating my own collection of sunnies one day [so be on the look out!].

An entire look and character can easily be determined by the Sunglasses of choice. For me its like putting on different personas - almost like an alter ego that takes over depending on the glasses I choose. #iykyk

My love for sunglasses goes way back to when I was about nine or ten years old.

I watched my absolute favorite movie, The Parent Trap, for the first time at a family friend's home and realized that Annie and Halle were not wearing overly animated, pink, purple, rainbow sunglasses like I had! They had on oval tortoise shell and round gold wire-framed sunglasses - and I wanted that!

[I will save my Parent Trap deep dive + Lookbook for a full blogpost (soon to come)].


I know there are some rules set for head shapes and their corresponding eyewear shapes that should work best for them, if you're interested in that click for more on it.

I however, have realized overtime that its better to feel good in what I pick than to follow rules so I do just that!

I have realized its better to feel good in what I pick than to follow rules - so I do just that!

I definitely have a good mix of shapes in my collection which I think is very important. I also invested in bold tinted glasses from Elisa Johnson's line, that I wear on days when I know the sun won't be out long enough or at all; at night when I want to add an extra "oomf" to my look or when I put zero to very little effort in my look but want to give the illusion that I did! They're magical and I highly recommend tinted glasses for those very reasons.

If you're on the look out for a new pair of sunglasses, below are my favorite and some go to brands at the moment:

- Eliza Johnson - link

- Quay Australia - link

- Vint and York - link

- Ray Ban - link

- Loewe - (not a fan of the most recent but they make really great styles) link

- Marni - link


Enjoy this cute reel of my fave girls! #sunglasses



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