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One Life To Live

2018 summary

2018 has been a VERY interesting one and keeps surprising me each passing day. I could write 5 different books solely about this year, each a different genre - It's been EXTREMELY interesting. There have been major triumphs and losses; many firsts. Also gave up so many times and thought I would not find joy in being alone.

but I wouldn't trade this year for ANYTHING.

I was definitely the kind of person that would be on the 'New Year New Me' train every January 1st. Then 2018 happened, and it's been a new me every step of the way because when you overcome the things you thought you could never, and its May, and you know you're a completely different person, you're not waiting for a New Year to be a new you.

I'm not waiting for a special holiday, or for my birthday, or a New Year to be an improved version of myself, and neither should you - Keep that in mind


My next posts will mainly be travel related, so stay tuned. Yes, I'm running away from this cold weather, as we all should. Yes, I want to learn more about other cultures, as we all should.

Also working on TENEWAA which I'm low-key terrified, high-key excited about - Yes, it's about time. We all have those big big dreams that we stay dreaming about instead of putting in the work because we don't believe in ourselves or the God who gave us the dream...or we made decisions that really displaced our faith; realize that

Fear will feed on the failures of the past, but we can’t allow yesterday’s failure to overwhelm today’s faith.

We really have one life to live here on earth. Choose your friends, battles, words and actions very wisely.

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