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February Mood Board

February is one of my favorite months, mainly because when I think of February I think of lots and lots of pinks, reds, and flowers - it's the month of LOVE (to many).

I've decided to create a mood board every month on the things I want to accomplish and the aesthetic I want to work with for the month - the month of LOVE.

I'm a very visual person so for me, creating a mood board and writing down my goals in line with that makes it easier to want to achieve them.

Go all out for who and what you love

Be it your job, your side hustle, your family, your friends or your man, go all out.

There's something about living in pursuit of your passion that either breaks you or builds you, and I've experienced a bit of both especially in this gap year from college. So with the few months of 'freedom' I have left, I plan to #goallout especially in my faith and career.

So I'm going to be hopeful, have faith and believe in the God who brought me here to help me accomplish my dreams and visions according to his will in this month of LOVE.

Let's go all out Fam

Abs x

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