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BFA Thesis 2021 || Part 2

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

We really did it!

It's been a week since my in-person graduation and all I feel is pure gratitude!

Quick story before you scroll down to the #vlog

I have to be honest, Fashion Institute of Technology wasn't my first pick when choosing schools - weird I know, considering its based in a fashion capital - I had my eyes on Savannah College of Arts and Design (SCAD), and I talked about it A LOT. My older sister had their brochure and looking through the oh-so-many options and possibilities in there made me want to be there. In high school, my whole class (and probably beyond) knew I was planning on going to was my dream school. I'm not sure exactly how FIT got on the list of schools I applied to but it did, and I got in. My parents were 100% for NY because they had friends there and would be more comfortable with that. It was a huge deal to get into the top Fashion school in America and it was happening for me.

4 years of fashion school in a college that has produced many notable fashion designers including Stephen Burrows, Ralph Rucci, and Carolina Herrera was no joke - many fun moments - but a lot of work.

I'm so glad I could share bits of my journey and now my Final Thesis Project with you, and I hope you enjoy this Vlog!

Thank you so much for the constant support guys, forever grateful for all of you!

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Abs Kyei

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